How To Choose An Immigration Lawyer

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An immigration attorney can help you secure visas when travelling to a foreign country. Choosing a suitable immigration attorney can be a challenging task. This guide explores the considerations you should make when hiring an immigration lawyer

Examine the Lawyer's Specialisation 

Assess the lawyer's specialisation. For instance, if you would like to move into the UK, the lawyer should be licenced to provide immigration services in that country. The primary benefit of a specialised lawyer is that he or she understands the local immigration laws. Besides, the attorney will have long-term relationships with immigration officers. This can help ease the visa application process. 


You will be confident hiring a lawyer that has positive reviews from previous clients. As such, check the professional's social media and Google My Business page to know how previous clients rate the lawyer's services. Additionally, you could also check the local bar association to know whether the immigration lawyer has been convicted of professional misconduct. The lawyer should have professional indemnity insurance. 

Services Provided

The immigration lawyer should provide a wide range of services, including the following.

He or she should assess your documents and personal conditions and advise on an appropriate visa.

The lawyer should arrange your documents and apply for the visa on your behalf. Documents such as police clearance certificates, health assessments and financial records can increase your chances of approval.

Your case officer might need to interview you. Therefore, consider lawyers that help clients prepare for interviews. Besides, the lawyer should be present during the interview. He or she will clarify the case officer's questions to ensure you do not contradict yourself.

The lawyer should appeal your case if your application gets revoked.  

Terms And Pricing

Assess the lawyer's terms and conditions. For example, most immigration attorneys will offer online services to clients that are outside the country. If this is the case, inquire about the accepted modes of communication and what time you should contact the lawyer. Remember, you might be in different time zones. The lawyer will handle sensitive and personal documents. Therefore, inquire what measures he or she will take to protect your privacy. 

How much will the immigration lawyer charge? Some lawyers will charge per hour, while others have a fixed price. You may qualify for free or discounted services if you belong to a vulnerable group. Remember to check the visa application fees. Besides, you may incur extra charges such as administration fees, health insurance and border crossing charges. 

When hiring an immigration lawyer, check his or her specialisation, services, reputation, terms and pricing. 


5 January 2021

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